Sunday, 28 September 2008

The World´s Most Dangerous Road

We decided to join a tour with Gravity Assisted Mountainbiking to ride down what the World Bank had named the World´s Most Dangerous Road. It is a trecherous narrow gravel road that stretches from the top of a mountain near La Paz deep down into the valleys, with sheer 400 metre drops from the side of the road and no barriers (see below!).
As we drove to the start of the ride, a signpost informed us that 48 people had died on the road so far this year. An ominous start to our day. The start was easy enough - a high-altitude freezing cold stretch of tarmac road where we could whizz down at our leisure. Then, disaster struck as we set off on our second leg. Amy performed some acrobatics, flying over her handlebars and landing on the ground, resulting in two huge bruises on her legs. A little shaken but determined, she carried on as we reached the gravel and the sheer drops.

The weather took a turn for the worst and we couldn´t see great deal with our goggles on, so we took them off and opted for the better option of letting mud splatter onto our eyeballs as we rode down the rough, wet and slippery road, next to huge drops and a cloudy abyss.

Finally, after about four hours, the weather got better and we were able to see again. All the stunning jungle and surrounding scenery was visible, it warmed up, and we arrived at the bottom of the road covered in mud and glad to have survived.

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