Monday, 22 September 2008

Happy 27th Birthday to me!

Saturday 20th September: my 27th birthday, and my first away from home.

I wasn´t sure that Bolivia would be the best place in the world to spend my birthday, but I was wrong! Everything is so cheap here you can live like a king for a day. Adrian woke me up with balloons and birthday cards on Saturday morning, and then hurried me out the door a couple of hours later muttering all sorts of confusing things in order to put me off the scent - I honestly didn´t have a clue what he had planned for me.

We ended up eating brunch in the rooftop restaurant of a 5* hotel - the highest in the world - with fantastic views over the whole city (see above, I look pretty content!). After that we spent hours lounging around in their pool, sauna and jacuzzi which was super relaxing. After we´d pruned ourselves sufficiently, we wondered out into the streets of La Paz to eat birthday cheesecake and shop! I am now the proud owner of some very nice hand crafted Bolivian wares, and Adrian even bought a handmade miniature guitar for himself.

That evening we went to a beautiful Swiss restaurant across the city (we very nearly couldn´t find it) and had a fantastic meal. Unfortunately we had an early start the next morning so couldn´t hit the town, but it was definitely a super lovely birthday.


vanillamar said...

Amy i feel terrible. i missed your birthday..
really really sorry! xx
see you very soon xx

mail said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY! From all the Saros gang, enjoying your globetrotting adventures, Maya xxx