Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Mine´s an alpaca, waiter!

Look down the menu of any standard Peruvian restaurant and you´re likely to find a selection of meats that would only feature as guest stars in London´s more adventurous eateries. Alpaca, ostrich and even the guinea pig all fall under the butcher´s knife in this country. And they´re mighty tasty too (although we´re yet to try guinea pig. I´m not sure Amy is too keen on eating the brethren of one of her former pets).

An alpaca steak tastes like beef, but is much leaner. We were told that it actually has only half the fat of beef. And ostrich, as sampled by Mrs. Ma turned out to taste nothing like a bird at all. Close your eyes and imagine a pig breeding with a lamb. Now, if you slaughtered the baby that was produced by that ungodly scene and cooked it, that would taste like ostrich. Don´t let your mind´s eye put you off. It´s actually a lot more appetising than my description above.

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