Sunday, 7 September 2008

Cusco madness

We arrived in Cusco at 5.30am today feeling pretty knackered. I was very grateful to have a nice comfy hotel room booked to collapse in while we awaited the arrival of the mothers.

Unfortunately, their time of arrival came and went, and it was only when we charged and switched on my phone that we realised they were stranded in New York due to all flights being cancelled because of Hurricane Ike! There are worst places to be struck, however, and they made the most of their time by getting a taxi tour of Manhattan. With any luck they will have boarded another flight by now, and should be with us first thing tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!

With time on our hands, Adrian and I decided to get our bearings and ventured out into Cusco, the ´archaeological capital of the Americas´. Luckily for us, today is the day of the annual Día de la Virgen, and the whole town is full of hundreds of men, women and children dressed in traditional costume dancing and singing their way around the city - it´s amazing to behold!


TEDDY and OSSIE said...

trust Amy to notice the baby goat in the bag!

TEDDY and OSSIE said...

beautiful pictures, by the way!