Sunday, 7 September 2008

More buses...

We left Arequipa last night after a fulfilling meal and boarded yet another bus, this time bound for Cusco where we would be joining our mums.

It was a pretty long 9 hours, as we couldn´t sleep due to the crazy altitude - at one point our bus ascended to a breathtaking (literally) 4,425 metres, which is the highest I have ever been. So while sleep elluded us, we watched ancient Michael Bolton and George Michael music videos on our bus´s tiny TV. Sigh. Such musical genius. And what hair! Lest thee all forget, here is a delightful shot of Signor Bolton to jog your memories.

We´ve realised that the Latin Americans do seem to have a bit of a thing for musicians of the ´80s - there has been a LOT of Michael Jackson (bit of a Michael theme developing here) and Madonna on the radio too. And I´m talking the old classics, none of that recent rubbish.

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