Monday, 1 September 2008

Paradise Valley

We travelled by bus from the mountains of Santiago to the coast, to a town called Valparaiso (literally translated, means Paradise Valley). The land, full of multi-coloured houses, falls from great heights into the Pacific and rickety wooden diagonal lifts take the residents up and down the town´s steep hills. The whole scene is so idyllic that the whole place is now a UNESCO world heritage site.

Valparaiso is said to be the cultural capital of Chile, and we certainly find this place inspiring. Amy has now run out of film thanks to her trigger-happy camera work and the sound of musicians in restaurants and on the streets has filled our heads with ideas. Among the brightly-painted houses with stunning views, boutiques sell hand-made crafts and jewellery and interior designers dodge stray puppies at the Sunday antiques market.

Here is some of Amy´s handiwork to enjoy.

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