Monday, 22 September 2008

On top of the world

We are now in the highest capital city in the world! La Paz is 3,660 metres above sea level, and to top it off, is on one enormous hill. It hasn´t affected Adrian and I too badly, but we have been known to get a little breathless after climbing a steep street.

The city is surrounded by huge snowy mountains and is actually a bit more cosmopolitan than I was expecting. We spent our first day here doing a walking tour from ´Lonely Planet´which, even though it sounds terribly touristy, actually took us through some amazing little back streets where all the locals do their daily business, selling wares, catching up with friends, etc. The only thing I found a bit disconcerting were the dried llama foetuses that they sell to ward off evil spirits.... I think I´d rather take my chances!

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