Thursday, 22 May 2008


Towards the end of our trek, despite our best efforts to stick to a budget, we realised we were running worryingly low on money. Remember that where we were, it was a 15 day trek to the nearest ATM machine and nowhere does anyone accept MasterCard. So this was slightly alarming, especially as we had been so careful to work out exactly what we'd need each day before we left.

On our penultimate night in the mountains we had only enough money for our accommodation and a very simple meal, if we were to have enough to get us through the following day. Alcohol was an extravagance as it was so expensive (due to the man power required to get it there), but a necessity if we were to get any sleep that night in our freezing cold little room. So we pondered what we might do. In desperation we dashed out of our lodge in the hope of finding a wee corner shop (they do exist!) that might sell something we could actually afford with our meagre funds.

As luck would have it, the nice lady in the tiny store had quarter bottles of Bagpiper whiskey for only Rs. 150 per bottle (approx 1 whole English pound), so like dirty tramps we sat in the dining room of our lodge surreptitiously swigging from the bottle for the rest of the evening. Quite apt behaviour for two people who hadn't washed for several days.

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