Thursday, 22 May 2008

The call of nature

We have encountered many different toilets since we left the UK, as I am sure you can imagine (but probably don't want to).

The most amusing by far though (to us at least), were the ones we encountered while trekking over the last few days. From the outside these toilets appear to be small garden sheds.

When you step inside, there is a hole in the floor, and next to this hole, a neat pile of leaves. I was relieved, upon seeing these, that I had taken my own toilet paper. But I realised what they were actually for when I read the polite sign on the back of the door asking: 'after using, please put leafs (sic)' which made me laugh so much I nearly fell down the hole.


daisycou said...

'please put leafs' where? am i being thick? i don't get it...

i love looking at updates on your travels! always make me smile.


Amy said...

You put them on your 'business', to make it nice and fresh (although perhaps fresh isn't the best word to use...), ready for the next person.