Sunday, 25 May 2008

Stupid stupid stupid strikes again

We've just spent the last three days in southern Nepal in Chitwan at the Nature Reserve. Although we nearly didn't make it, due to a road block half way through our journey (yes, another one) caused by striking students who were angered that the Nepalese government hadn't provided the textbooks they were promised.

Fair enough I suppose, but can you imagine what would happen if a bunch of students in the UK decided to stand in the middle of the M25 and cause a 4 hour traffic jam? The police would have a field day....

Anyway. We got there in the end and had a beautiful cottage in a huge garden (see photo, with the delightful Adrian) on the edge of the park. Adrian wasn't feeling brilliant most of the weekend, poor boy, but we managed to see 3 crocodiles (of the man-eating variety), rhinos and a gazillion elephants (both tiny baby and some VERY large adults).

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