Thursday, 22 May 2008

Namche Bazaar

Namche is a small town nestled in the side of a mountain at approx. 3400 metres above sea level. It's the main stop-off point for all trekkers and climbers on their way to Everest and various other destinations within it's vicinity.

Due to it's altitude it is a popular place to take a rest day to acclimatise. An atmosphere of anticipation hovers over the town as everyone prepares for what is yet to come - for some, the possibility of summiting the largest mountain on earth, but for us it was just the hope that we might see it. Excitement enough, I reckon!

Another reason to stop off in Namche is their amazing Yak sizzlers, which we indulged in more than once...

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TEDDY said...

i love reading your updates! missing you lots,
teddy does too.
love Elaine x