Monday, 26 May 2008

Celebrity friends in Kathmandu

In preparation for our travels Amy and I spent a long time watching travel documentaries which celebrate our contemporary travel heroes. People like Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, whose gruelling motorcycle rides across the world in Long Way Round and Long Way Down, are our generation's Marco Polos. And it just so happened that last night, we were lucky enough to find Charley Boorman and Russ Malkin (the producer of the 'Long Way' series') staying at our hotel in Kathmandu!

Russ and Charley had just arrived in Kathmandu and they told us that they are filming a new travel documentary called 'By Any Means' which will follow Charley as he attempts to travel from Ireland to Syndey by (ahem) any means necessary (and avoiding air transport). Unfortunately, they've hit the same problems as us with Tibet, China and Burma (we can't go to Tibet because the Chinese are refusing to let foreigners into the country, we can't fly to Chengdu in China because of the earthquakes and we can't fly to Burma because of the cyclone), so they're having to fly to somewhere north of Hong Kong.

There's a photo of us grinning like star-struck idiots with Charley and Russ. You can catch them both (and witness the moments before and after they met us in Kathmandu) on By Any Means which is due to be aired on BBC2 in Sept this year (although this could change). Don't they have nice smiles?


Anonymous said...

cool! a real adventurer! Did you keep a lock of his hair? You can trade it for food later in the video game of travelling life. I have also heard that you can use Charley's hair to ward off attackers like Bear Grills in later levels, and increase your media-stamina points. Nice score! Mike :)

Daisy Cou said...

can i just take a moment to say...
thank you.