Thursday, 22 May 2008


Tengboche was our final destination. At 3880 metres, it boasts one of the most spectacular views in the world, with good reason. Although when we arrived on Sunday afternoon the whole hill was shrouded in thick cloud. You could only see a few metres in front of you (those of you with us on Snowdon know what I mean!) so we were disappointed not to see this fantastic view.

After an afternoon of watching monks chant in the beautiful monastery and drinking the local brew, Rakshi (like Japanese Sake) we were early to bed.

At 5am, we opened our curtains and were rewarded with the most amazing view I have ever seen. There was Everest in all her glory, along with several other magnificent snowy peaks.

We were surrounded on all sides by the biggest mountains on earth (photo of Everest to follow...)

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Bullie.Inc said...

I know it sounds lame but reading about your first sight of Everest was just fantastic and a bit emotional!(appropriate music from the classroom next door probably helped!)

From my desk in school I feel like I am taking this journey with you both..... I think a book could be in the offing!?!?!