Friday, 18 April 2008

Traditional Indian food - The Thali

When you think of Indian food, most likely, your mind will automatically wonder towards curries.
Well, yes there are lots of different curries here, but the most commonly eaten dish here in India is the Thali - a perfectly balanced meal made up of small dishes.

Each restaurant's thali is different, and they're almost always vegetarian. Here, you see a thali from an excellent restaurant called The Mango Tree in Hampi. I'll try to remember what we had working clockwise from the rice...

Rice with lime chutney, yoghurt, mung dahl, papdom, chapatis, more dahl, okra curry, spicy & sour tomato soup.

If you see one of these on the menu, order it! Masala Zone in Soho and Angel do fantastic Thalis.

Next... The Masala Dosa (they're SO good...!)


TEDDY said...

ha ha, i read your blog this morning and this afternoon went into Soho to have lunch with Hong Yi.
We went to Marsala Zone for a thali! I thought of you guys.

it was yummy.

4DMA said...

Yay! Their butter chicken is SO good! BTW - Belated Birthday Greetings! x

Chris Howard said...

I have a photo that is far to similar to this, same meal, same place, same seat it looks like!

That place is met Lakshmi too - she's big!

4DMA said...

Aye! The Mango Tree is DAMN GOOD! Lakshmi asked me to pass on her blessings to you BTW... ;)