Thursday, 10 April 2008

Amy vs THE COCKROACHES - fight report

Forget Mohammed Ali vs George Foreman, that's so 20th Century. This century's equivalent
'Rumble in the Jungle' took place last night between Amy Hall and The Cockroach. The epic battle lasted two rounds before the fatal KO blow. Here's a blow by blow account. Ding, ding!

Round One! Amy turns on the light to our room and sees a bright orange cockroach standing atop our mirror. Amy retreats back outside screaming in horror as the cockroach takes the upper hand. After Adrian attempts to smash the cockroach with the very heavy Lonely Planet guide to India, it retreats behind the mirror and Adrian just about manages to pull off one of its long orange antennaes (did you know that cockroaches can fly BTW?). Amy returns to the room with what she thinks is the killer blow: a security guard. The security guard enters the room, walks up to the cockroach and with a quick flick of his hand pulls it out from behind the mirror and throws it outside the door. Round one belongs to Amy and we think that this is the last of the battle... but little did we know that the war was far from won.

Round Two! After dinner (lobster and a jumbo prawn in garlic butter, if you must know) we return to our room to find another (or was it the same?) cockroach sitting on our curtain. It remains motionless, undecided on its plan of attack whilst Amy seizes this opportunity and wastes no time running to get help from our friendly security guard. The guard turns up, this time with a can of cockroach killer spray and stealthily moves into position beside the cockroach. With one deadly squirt, the knock out blow is delivered and the cockroach falls to the ground with its legs in the air. Amy's victory is assured.


Daisy said...

i feel your pain people. i gave a cockroach a ride in my rucksack once. i took it from one thai island to another where it thanked me by running up my arm and out of the hotel room to a new life.

4DMA said...

Daisy! That sounds very traumatic. I bet it's not living the life on a beach, sipping a pina colada, while you're still having nightmares about it running up your arm...