Saturday, 5 April 2008

Beware Cashew Fenni

The other night, a Mancunian lad called Chris introduced Amy and I to something called 'Cashew Fenni', a clear home-brewed drink alcoholic that smells of petrol and has the taste of a concentrated headache mixed with paint stripper.
Two shots was all it took for the three of us to be 'wobbly' as Chris puts it. And just then, dear reader, when you think that the night's drunken haze is the sting in the drink's tail, a few hours later, when you wake up with a dry mouth that feels like sandpaper, you realise the full extent of the hangover that the drink has inflicted upon you. Amy and I spent the whole of the next day in bed. Criminal, when you consider the blue sky and the beach just metres away... Beware Cashew Fenni.

1 comment:

Chris Howard said...

Mancunian cultured does that sound ;)

I'm back in Bangalore now, just had a nice Latte...very civilised.

Have a great time travelling, see you in London!