Sunday, 13 April 2008

Elephantine blessings for Mimi

Today is a special day for us. Our good friend Mimi is running the London Marathon. In fact, as I type, she's probably somewhere around Docklands.

Naturally, being the good friends we are, we decided to see if we could give Mimi a helping hand. So we went to visit Lakshmi, a holy elephant who lives in a temple here in Hampi.

After removing our flip flops and walking on scorching hot stone floors (it hit 42C today!) we found her in her stables. Amy pulled out a 20 rupee note and Lakshmi raised her trunk, took the note and then blessed Amy's forehead with her trunk!

I sent Mimi a good luck text last night and guess what!? She replied saying that she burned a hole in her running top trying to iron on letters to it. Well, far from being bad luck, the lighter and more ventilated top should make her run faster! Wow! Our blessing worked wonders.

Here's a photo of Lakshmi from this morning (we woke up early and headed down to the river to watch her being washed).

Good luck Mimi!


4DMA said...

News flash! Mimi ran the marathon in 4h 15m! Amazing time Mimi. Well done love x

4DMA said...

Actually, 4h 13m. Her results are already online!

Nice work Lakshmi!

Cou said...

Nice work indeed Laksmhi! She truly is a lovely elephant. Could you perhaps bring her home with you guys? I'm going to need her for all future marathons.