Saturday, 19 April 2008

More elephant-related activities

After our amazing thali lunch yesterday in a proper Indian restaurant (by proper, I mean you walk in, sit down and someone puts a banana leaf in front of you topped with rice and a selection of delicious curried treats costing about 50p - no menu) , we decided to go and see some more elephants.

A jeep picked us up and whizzed us down the road to a spice plantation that also houses a small family of elephants. Mother elephant, who was to give us a ride through the plantation, was not yet back from her walk so we made friends with her baby while we waited. She liked Adrian a lot, as you can see. I think he liked her too - she was very sweet even if she did leave something slimey on his foot. She even gave me a little ride! She was all leathery but very comfy.

Then mother elephant returned and we had a peaceful ride through the plantation and we even managed to steal some bananas from a tree overhead to feed to her when we got back. They eat the bananas skin and all! I can't imagine that it tastes very nice.....

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