Saturday, 16 August 2008

Who says you can't flog a dead horse?

It just so happened that Sydney was hosting a massive modern art event while we were there - the Sydney Biennale, an exhibition that spanned several galleries. Amy and I visited two of the larger venues for the exhibition and were generally really impressed with the work on display. Although there was one particular installation that dissapointed us: at the corner of one gallery was a decorating table with paint pots and tools placed on to it. At first we thought that the installation was unfinished, but we discovered that one artist had simply laid this out as his artwork. Hmm...

However, one installation that really stuck out for us was an actual stuffed dead horse, suspended from the ceiling, with elongated legs. It had in incredible impact on the viewer and seeing the creature's stillness and walking under it created a really surreal sensation. Taking photos in the gallery was strictly prohibited. We ignored this. Enjoy.

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