Saturday, 23 August 2008

Birthday fun: Part Three - Snow and pizza

After our balloon flight, we warmed up back at our hostel with a bowl of hot chilli. Amy then thrust a giant birthday card into my hands, featuring a picture of a very cute Syrian hamster holding a birthday cake - full of birthday greetings from friends back in London.

We headed up to Coronet Peak for an evening of sunset/night time snowboarding where we both managed a few exhilarating rides down from the very top of peak - an achievement that was particularly pleasing as that was our big target from the start. Then, we headed into town for a late dinner of pizza, beer, wine, sambucca and drunken dancing. We treated Queenstown to our singing as we walked home in the tiny hours and finally collapsed into bed.

Amy's hard work for my special day made me realise that obviously, I'll have as much fun in my 30s as my 20s and that after all, it is just a number.

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TEDDY said...

Adrian, you lucky lucky boy. Amy, you outdid yourself! i want to go in a hot air balloon!!! Jealous!