Saturday, 23 August 2008

The trickiest puzzle known to man: snow chains

We had never really driven in snow or icy conditions before. So when we were told that we would need to use snow chains to drive up mountains we thought 'brilliant! We'll attach some chains to the front of our car and sit back and be pulled up!' - how very wrong we were...

This is how they work: When you're driving up a mountain and it starts to snow and there's ice on the road, you have to get out of your car and into the freezing blizzard to wrap chains around your car tyres. But the problem is that the chains are really short and you have to pull really hard to link them up on the outside and the inside of the tyres. It takes about 20 attempts for each tyre, so after around 30 minutes of shunting the car backwards and forwards while trying to attach these things while your shoes are freezing and soaking wet and your fingers are numb, we finally got them on and drove off cursing the person who designed them (who I'm told by one local lady 'must have been a man'). You can see them in place on our lovely rental car above.

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