Saturday, 23 August 2008

Birthday fun: Part One - Recloose

It was a bit of a landmark day for me yesterday - my 30th birthday. 'It's just a number' they say. I'll spare you the rest of the mental anguish that I put myself through as I said goodbye to my 20s and just give you a bit of insight into how I celebrated my big day.

On the eve of my birthday (the 22nd) we were in a small town called Wanaka where rather bizarely, one of my favourite DJs was playing (a New Zealander called Recloose who wrote a track called 'Dust' which I often play in my DJ sets). Back home in London, Recloose fills major live music venues, but in his home territory he was playing at a cheesy pub in a town with only 3,000 residents. Despite the humble setting, he played a fantastic funk/disco set and at midnight he picked up the microphone and announced to the whole venue that it was my birthday. This was how I entered my 30s.

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Anonymous said...

Glad my son Recloose was able to brighten your 30th birthday! (I get Google Alerts anytime his name is online.) Happy Birthday from Recloose's Mom in the USA.