Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Singing and swinging in Singapore

From Malaysia to Singapore, and more hospitality from Adrian's family. We stayed there with another of his uncles for a few days, doing all the usual touristy things (bird park # 2, art museum, etc).

While there we also got treated to a couple of very fun nights out with friends of Elaine. We had a delicious chili crab dinner, saw a band called Electrico (see above, also good friends) perform at a wicked venue in a converted pumping station, saw a singer (another very good friend, of course) Robin Goh perform some swinging jazz classics at a cool venue on the waterfront, and went to a newly opened bar with a very lovely roof terrace. Phew!

You can see most of them in this shot:
(from left to right: Edgar, Mike, Manoj, Aldrin, Adrian, Amy, Ben)

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TEDDY said...

hello! you seem to be the only girl... did you meet any of the girls?