Saturday, 12 July 2008

Bird watching in Kuala Lumpur

We finally left Thailand and arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last night. Today, after meeting my auntie for lunch (this is Adrian writing the blog post), we visited the city's bird park where Amy discovered ANOTHER new favourite animal (or should I say bird) - the owl that she's stroking in this picture (actually, I must admit that it was very soft and cute).
When this little owl was returned to its tree, a parakeet - jealous of Amy's affection for the owl - tried to eat the poor little thing. Luckily one of the bird handlers stepped in to protect it. I decided keep my affection for Amy a bit more covert after that. I reckon if the paraket saw ME with Amy, it would have pecked my eyes out...


TEDDY said...

Dr Doolittle

Chris Howard said...

Hey Guys!

Hope you're still having a great time, I've been following your travels on your blog for a good while now :)

Best Wishes,