Monday, 28 July 2008

Forbidden Nights at Ocean Beach Club

On Saturday night I was billed as the headline act for the Ocean Beach Club - a massive outdoor club and restaurant with a huge pool and a floating dance floor. Justin and Natalie, our generous hosts, joined us as we watched the pre-gig show with fire dancers and acrobats.

At around midnight, I climbed up to the DJ booth to get ready for my set (the DJ booth is on top of a tower overlooking the club). As soon as I played my first record, the crowd went wild. To say that it was a great gig would be an understatement. The club was at full capacity with 2,000 people. At one point, people started jumping into the pool and a couple of professional dancers dressed in kinky outfits joined us in the DJ booth!

Justin, Natalie and Lisa (our new San Franciscan friend) escaped the mayhem down below and joined me up on the tower to dance the night away. However, one of the club's investors, Chris, decide to create mischief by ordering plenty of Redbull and vodkas for us.

At 2am I finished my set and handed over to the German DJ Andy D'Lux while we all headed home for quiet drinks.

Amy and I woke up the next afternoon at 3pm! Having totally missed our opportunity to head surfing, we went straight back to the Ocean Beach Club so that I could DJ again, this time while the sun was setting over the ocean. Speaking as a DJ, it doesn't really get much better than this.

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