Friday, 20 June 2008

When in Cambodia, do as Angelina Jolie

This morning we decided to go a little off the beaten track. So we picked up a 50kg bag of rice and decided to deliver it to one of Cambodia's poorest orphanages. The place was in need of EVERYTHING. Up to seven children sleep on one bed, they are constantly short of food, clothes and building materials and the whole thing depends entirely on charity (and since this orphanage is hardly known about, charity is slow to come to these children).

The 17 year old orphanage manager showed us around a basic classroom, a fly-infested kitchen and some crowded sleeping quarters. She had been brought up at the orphanage herself and was incredibly smart - as were the kids who spoke good English and were eager for us to play with them. Here are a couple more pics including one of Amy with her new best friend (sorry Mimi), Sarah.

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