Friday, 24 October 2008

Sunny Colonia

After a few days of riding, relaxing and a great deal of eating we had to return to civilisation, and had one more night in Montevideo.

We decided to check out the picturesque seaside town of Colonia (not unlike many quaint British seaside destinations) and arrived after 2 hours on a bus to find that everywhere was fully booked. The entire population of Argentina had come to Colonia for their bank holiday weekend and left no room for us.
We found somewhere in the end and spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine. We watched the sun set with a beer outside a pub by the sea, while Adrian made me learn my reading for Anna's wedding off by heart. While I was rehearsing, I spotted a familiar figure in the distance, and couldn't believe my eyes when I realised it was Tatiana and Alexis walking towards us! After much excitement we settled down for the evening and consumed more beer.

A couple of days later we all bundled back on the boat back to Buenos Aires.

I have since found out from my Grandmother that Colonia was where my Grandfather was born!

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